Thursday, December 18, 2008

Green Company of the Week

DDS Roofing and Contracting
221 County House Road
Sewell, NJ 08080

About Us:

The Sottiles are a close knit trio of brothers who each add a different element to this unique company known as DDS Incorporated.

David Sottile, with 25+ years in construction, started a painting company in 1977 and added commercial roofing in 1985. Daniel Sottile, a graduate of Glassboro State College (now Rowan University) in 1979, has a diverse background in construction, real estate and property management.

Our reputation, experience, and personnel are the highest quality. Put your project into the hands of DDS--you will not be disappointed.

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  • Sunday, December 14, 2008

    New Eco- Friendly Companies

    Special thanks to these New Eco- Friendly Companies who are now part of the Global Green Community.

    Each Eco-Friendly Company can be contacted directly from our blog.

    Boomerang, Inc.
  • Seth DeForest

  • Shellville Services
  • Janet Collins

  • Growing Trends
  • Amy Wolochowicz

  • Dorazio Construction
  • Lisa McGonigle
  • Five Things You Should Not Purchase:

    Check your home for these products. Now is the time to clean your house without hurting the planet!

    Harmful Products:
    1. Styrofoam Cups
    2. Conventional Household Cleaners
    3. Plastic forks and Spoons
    4. Toys made with PVC Plastic
    5. Chemical pesticides and herbicides

    Safe Tips:
    1. Use Biodegradable Cups
    2. Use Non-toxic & biodegradable Household Cleaner
    3. Look for PVC-free Toys or Organic Toys for your Kids
    4. Vacuum your carpets regularly (Get rid of that dust)
    5. Paint, Look for: Low or, No-VOC paint.

    Friday, December 12, 2008

    Green Company of the Week

    Shellville Services
    Suite 115
    780 Fifth Avenue
    King of Prussia, PA 19406

    Green Practices:

    Shellville offers much more than professional cleaning and janitorial services. Our team becomes an integrated part of our clients' operations, maximizing efficiency, controlling quality and increasing productivity.

    Using industry leading techniques and quality-control software, Shellville continuously measures and improves service to our clients.

    Our services span the spectrum of facility needs, from Janitorial Services, Integrated Facility Management, Construction Clean-Up, Ultrasonic Cleaning and carpet care to maintenance of marble and stone systems, parking lot sweeping and snow removal. Clients can partner with us to outsource just one service, or Shellville can handle all facility needs in a consistent and cost-effective manner.

    Shellville also offers consulting services, professional benchmarking and a variety of web-based tools to track and maximize efficiency.

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  • Thursday, December 11, 2008

    Easy Energy Tips for your Home

    Below are six small changes to add to your daily routine which prove that without much effort at all you can go green!

    Every little degree counts. By placing the thermostat one degree higher in the summer and one degree lower in winter, you will be saving energy and the temperature change won't be noticeable to you. If you feel a light draft in the air put on a sweater.

    These shoes were made for walking. Next time you visit your neighbor's house, why not walk the two blocks instead of driving (especially with where gas prices are today).

    Electrify your mind. Before leaving the house do a quick light check and make sure the lights are not left on wastefully. Also, ensure that you set your outside lights to come on only at sun down.

    Let the sun shine in. You'll use much less electric light if you open the blinds and curtains during the day. If you live in an area that doesn't receive much sunlight, choose to buy compact fluorescent light bulbs.

    Don't waste a drop. When brushing your teeth, don't let the water run consistently. Only turn it on when you wet your toothbrush and when you spit!

    Be paper picky. You can choose what to use. Limit the amount of paper cups and paper plates you use, especially when you are at home and only use the type you can recycle. You can clean and be green by using recycled paper towels that are Green Seal Certified. You'll create less waste altogether if you use a fabric cloth or old sock when you are cleaning.

    These six tips show that lowering your eco-footprint doesn't require huge steps!

    Go Green - Healthy Living Tips

    Here are some ‘tried and true’ and new ideas to save money while making your home healthier and greener.


    1. Keep your heat down to a reasonable temperature in winter.
    2. Try not to overuse air conditioners in hot climates.
    3. Install ceiling fans.
    4. Dress in layers of organic cotton for cold climates.
    5. Turn off computers at night from the power-strip.
    6. Use energy-saving light bulbs like compact fluorescent light bulbs.
    7. Turn off lights when not in use.
    8. Use rechargeable batteries, or solar powered devices.
    9. Make use of natural daylight.
    10. Install double glazed skylights to take advantage of natural light.
    11. Make sure your weather-strips are working correctly.

    Sunday, December 7, 2008

    Green Company of the Week

    One Light Bulb
    Jeffrey Kratsch - Founder
    Bradenton, FL 34201
    Office: 941-704-6835

    Green Practices:

    "If every household in America switched out one compact fluorescent bulb it would reduce energy consumption as much as taking a million cars off the road"

    To learn how my EnergyNeutral Solutions may help save the world by making every home a Net Energy Producer visit us at:

  • One Light Bulb
  • Saturday, October 4, 2008

    Green Company of the Week

    EGM Construction
    19 Marshall Road
    Glen Mills PA 19342

    About Us:

    EGM Construction is a fully licensed and insured contractor. We offer a wide variety of services, including; remodeling, renovations, additions, painting, custom work, decks and full construction from the ground up.

    We offer free estimates. We take pride in our work. Our employees are prompt, professional and precise. EGM can be reached by phone, e-mail, fax or mail. If you are in the Delaware Valley (PA, DE, NJ) and in need of our services, please contact us.

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  • EGM Construction
  • Great Tips on how to save on Water

    8 Ways to Save Water Without Spending a Dime

    1. Turn the water off while brushing your teeth.

    2. Fill a milk jug with stones and place it in your toilet tank to displace water.

    3. Dig up an egg timer from your kitchen and use it to cut showers down to 5 minutes.

    4. Turn off the water while shaving.

    5. Fix toilet and faucet leaks immediately.

    6. Don't use your toilet as a trash can.

    7. Collect "warm-up" water to irrigate your lawn and flowerbeds.

    8. Conserve energy. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory estimates that .47 gallons of water are lost for every kilowatt-hour of power generated by coal power plants.

    IKEA to Sell Solar Panels?

    IKEA plans to pour $77 million into clean-technology start-ups within the next five years and could add "green" goods such as solar panels to its inventory, according to Cleantech Group.

    The four-person, 50 million euro IKEA GreenTech fund has been operating for eight months, the report said. And it could invest in up to 10 fledgling companies in the next few years, perhaps first in Europe, where IKEA rings up about 82 percent of its sales.

    Efforts to commercialize new and affordable green technologies within several years could lead to IKEA selling the resulting products at its growing collection of stores, currently 283 in more than 30 nations. The goods reportedly would relate to energy in the form of solar panels, efficiency meters, and lighting; as well as more sustainable materials, and water treatment and conservation.
    IKEA, from warehouse to living room.

    In 2007, IKEA expanded sales of pre-fab, low-income, eco-friendly housing from Sweden into the United Kingdom. Could its catalog of 9,500 products someday add flat-packed, "smart" green homes available globally?

    Given IKEA's sheer reach, an aggressive focus on green technologies might reshape the furnishings industry. For instance, green-business gurus credit Wal-Mart's controversial efforts to green its shelves and practices with shifting big-box stores and shoppers' tastes toward less toxic and wasteful products.

    Among IKEA's latest moves in support of sustainability, by the fall, it will eliminate its checkout use of plastic bags, for which it began charging British customers about two years ago. More than 380 billion plastic bags are estimated to be trashed each year in the United States alone, polluting land and waterways with toxic chemicals.

    In the early years of this decade, the modern-furnishings goliath pledged to phase out unhealthy formaldehyde and PVC in its core products, and to stock wood certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.

    Its Swedish stores use mostly renewable energy. Some of the 18,000 staff members use hybrid cars or bicycles. IKEA pledged to carry organic consumables, including coffee, jam, and schnapps within the year. But a nagging question remains: Would solar panels from IKEA require an Allen wrench?

    Tuesday, September 16, 2008

    Green Company of the Week

    Crystal Springs Motel
    RR1 Box 159
    Towanda, PA 18848

    Green practices:
    You might be interested to learn that there really are Crystal Springs here. In fact, all the water used in the motel comes directly from pure, sparkling clear mountain springs located on the property. There are no chemicals added to this water, and it consistently tests pure and completely safe for your needs.

    We are a motel whose management is committed to environmentally responsible practices that save water and energy, reduce solid waste and protect the beautiful destinations we all love to visit.

    If you enjoy outdoor activities, we are conveniently located for hunting, fishing, biking, golfing, tennis, hiking, and canoeing.

    There are plenty of antique shops and country stores for shopping nearby. Museums, historic sites, and state/county parks are available to visit. Seasonal fairs, festivals, and beautiful fall foliage are also popular attractions in our area.

    To read more about Crystal Springs Motel click on the link Below

  • Crystal Springs Motel
  • Wednesday, September 10, 2008

    Green Company of the Week

    Terra Ferma Landscapes
    139 Mitchell Avenue, Suite 220
    South San Francisco, CA 94080

    Green practices:
    At Terra Ferma Landscapes we practice Eco friendly by utilizing Roof Installations, Cisterns and grey-water reuse systems, and re-purposing of materials/structures etc. In addiction we also use Synthetic turf installations, permeable hardscapes/surfaces and the use of application of organic fertilizers and pest controls.

    At Terra Ferma Landscapes we strive to provide our customers on all levels of service. Whatever your needs are, we will strive to meet them.

    Our mission is to furnish our customers with the highest quality product and workmanship through strong communication, project efficiency, and absolute thoroughness. Our success is measure by complete customer satisfaction.

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  • Terra Ferma Landscapes
  • Wednesday, August 27, 2008

    Green Company of the Week

    The Tennergy Solution
    815 Fesslers Lane
    Nashville, TN 37210

    Green practices:
    At The Tennergy Solution, we back our experience and knowledge with the best personnel in the business who receives extensive in-house training and education from affiliated manufacturers. The result is a level of customer service that is rare in the insulation industry.

    Whether you're in the market for a new, high-performance insulation system for your home or business, home inspection, restoration or insulation repair, you can trust The Tennergy Solution. We take our business, our customers and the trust you place in us very seriously.

    Quality insulation begins with thorough planning by trained insulation professionals. It's "the art and science of insulation," combining performance considerations and aesthetic qualities with in-depth knowledge of key insulation elements.

    We help create healthier more energy efficient homes through spray foam insulation.

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  • The Tennergy Solution
  • Sunday, August 3, 2008

    Green Company of the Week

    Bear's Den Cottages
    P.O. Box 14317
    Columbus, OH 43214

    Green practices:
    Land preservation/conservation (200 acres). Over 90% of wood used in both units was timbered locally by the local Amish. All natural/biodegradable cleaning, laundry supplies. Recycled toilet paper, coffee filters, garbage bags. Recycling required by guests. The following items may be recycled: paper, cardboard, plastics, all glass, tin, aluminum. All natural lawn and pesticide care.

    100% recycled paper is used for business correspondence and brochures. Brochures are printed with soy ink. We carbon offset both units through Native Energy. We use a Green Credit Card and Green Cell Phone.

    We are a Certified Wildlife Habitat and Monarch Watch Waystation. Proud members of Co-Op America, TIES (The International Tourism Association) and The Green Hotels Association. The owner, Gwen, has been working with environmental education over the past 20 years. She is helping her local tourism association create a Green Certification Process. Additionally, she writes a weekly Green Tip for the Logan Daily News and the Athens Messenger, two local newspapers.

    To read more about Bear's Den Cottages Please click on the link Below

  • Bear's Den Cottages
  • Saturday, July 12, 2008

    Green Company of the Week

    Kimberly Rider Interiors
    526 Third St., Suite A/3
    San Rafael, CA 94901

    Friendly Practices:
    We handle all aspects of design using sustainable and eco-friendly resources. Our goal is to provide excellent customer service and innovative design solutions to fit your personal goals and lifestyle. As an author, TV personality, spokesperson and designer, the design firm’s founder, Kimberly Rider, is an expert in all things pertaining to the eco-lifestyle.

    Kimberly Rider Interiors is a full-service interior design firm offering a broad range of services & products. We specialize in custom design for homeowners, developers, and real estate professionals.

    Our Philosophy: In our modern world of sensory overload, it is increasingly important for us to have an escape – a nurturing place of our own. A well-designed space should make us feel renewed, reflecting who we are and what we dream of being.

    Our Goal: To create captivating environments that compliment our clients’ aesthetic vision and functional needs. We work in collaboration with our clients to create innovative and beautiful surroundings.

    To read more about Kimberly Rider Interiors Please click on the link Below

  • Kimberly Rider Interiors
  • Tuesday, July 8, 2008

    Green Company of the Week

    Trek Glass Tinting Windows
    415 Baltimore Pike
    Morton, PA 19070
    Office (610)543-4343

    Trek Window Films have helped bring business and homeowners solutions on optimizing energy efficiency and reducing utility bills by applying our Low-E coated films. These films reduce heat gain in the summer by up to 80% and heat loss in the winter by up to 40%.

    At Trek Glass Tinting we developed many of the methods being used in widow tinting today - especially in auto window tinting which requires the most skill. Auto dealerships have been sending their cars and SUV's to us for over 25 years. The quality of our work is unmatched. We not only have the most experience, we appreciate your business and do all we can to make it an enjoyable experience for you. When it comes to your car, we don't just tint your windows, we add A Touch of Class to Your Glass.

    Let Trek Glass Tinting make your home Green with our energy saving films. Our sun control window films help save our planet by reducing the use of fossil fuels and they save you money with your utility bills. Equally important, our films will protect and prolong the beauty of your furnishings by screening out the suns damaging ultra-violet (fading) rays, which will protect your furnishings from fading & discoloring.

    For your business or building, there has never been a better or more economical time to install Trek Window Film. The benefits are far reaching - from reduced energy consumption, to employee & customer comfort, to protecting expensive computer equipment from the sun. Make your building or business more energy efficient today and begin reaping the economic benefits as well as the positive publicity from going Green .

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  • Trek Glass
  • What Does Go Green Mean?

    What Does Go Green Mean? Green can mean many different things to different people. For some, it means simply environmentally friendly and to others means living a life that is not dangerous to the health of people or animals.

    When you Go Green you only use green house products that are healthy for the environment and include no toxins, you recycle to help save land fills, and you do everything possible to live healthy and reduce the impact on our earth. By living green and going green you reduce any negative impact on the planet in all possible ways.

    Green cleaning products are also called eco-friendly products.

    Many green products are packaged in recycled packaging, are biodegradable, and contain no phosphates, chlorine, artificial fragrances, or artificial colors. The main goal of green cleaning is to use eco-friendly cleaning solutions, recycle, using organic when possible, and promote methods that keep our environment healthy. Everyone should live in an eco friendly home!

    Many people are also finding that green building also reduces the impact on the environment and many businesses are now going green to help reduce the impact on our earth.

    By living green you seek to reduce negative impact on the planet in every way possible!

    Go Green, Save Green

    Save The Planet - Watch This

    Living in a Green Enviroment